My experience with Kitty and Reiki was awesome!  The reiki recived felt a warm hug or cuddle from spirit and yet it also brought up some emotional issues for me that I need to work on especially in the heart chakra area.  I have dealt with alot of heart break and my heart is broken and so this lead me to knowing more healing needs to be done.  Kitty made me feel very comfortable to allow for whatever was happening within my spirit and allowed me to notice my spirit guides and the different chakras that needed work.  The room and environment was beautiful, peaceful and inviting.  I felt safe and that is important when doing the work you need to heal.  I highly recommend this healing modality with Kitty for she is guided by the angels.–MK

Toby, my beautiful pup has benefited from Kitty’s Reiki sessions. He suffers from ligament/leg and liver/kidney issues.  He is relaxed and deeply peaceful after each of Kitty’s session and I see positive signs of healing every time Kitty works with him. I am very pleased with Kitty. She connects deeply with the animals she comes in contact with and in general is very kind, patient and has a loving heart. I highly recommend her if the animal in your life needs any kind of healing both emotional and physical.
Lori B