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For 28 years, Kitty served others by fighting fire and driving a fire engine to fire and medical scenes in a large city. Later, within a university setting, she taught people how to use a fire extinguisher and how to be safer at work or at home. A former colleague writes that “Kitty builds and sustain relationships with community members.” Always, the unique element of serving others in some way brought meaning and purpose to her stay here on Mother Earth.

With a lifelong passion for nature and animals, she created a wildlife garden for birds and wild creatures to live and grow their own families. She also planted vegetables, herbs, flowers and native plants to feed the earth’s pollinators and earthworms. The profound beauty and transformative power of nature brought her to practice a forgiveness and grateful meditation. Eventually the practice of overcoming life’s challenges brought to her the gentle energy medicine of Mikao Usui’s traditional “Reiki“.

Like Father Usui and many others, Kitty sought a way to heal the world and help others to heal. Reiki does just that. Its very nature is to connect with the Universal Life Force, indeed, the word “Rei-Ki” (Ray-Kee) is a two-word composition. Rei means “Universal Life Force” and “Ki” means “Energy” (Japanese).  Reiki is a spiritual healing practice, but also a complementary somatic (body) method that helps us to focus on daily, even hourlyhealing in a seemingly broken world.

Kitty has studied Reiki extensively with three Reiki Masters, earned certificates in Angel Card Reading, Angel Intuitive Healing, and Transformative Energy Healing. She is also skilled in Animal Reiki, living a lifetime of compassion for all animals by not eating them or using the products of their bodies. Thus, a strong bond is formed from understanding their hardships on earth by recognizing their traumas.

Reiki for Everyone, People, Animals & the Planet welcomes everyone regardless of individual preferences and lifestyle for it is in forgiveness that we create the bond of healing.

The practice honors the powers of kinesiology, Body Talk Access ™©, and Crystal Healing. Studies in TRE ™© (Trauma & Tension Releasing Exercises) will bring a promise to teach others how to release their own traumas, sometime in 2019, and as our practice will further deepen for additional healing modalities.

We listen deeply to our client’s concerns with the clear objective to teach and facilitate transformation for each person seeking answers. The process of metamorphosis belongs to all of us; humanity, nature and all animals. Why not take our lives and our forward movement seriously though yet with some humor?

Laughing is encouraged and even recommended at all times! We encourage your comments and to contact us today to take the adventure of complementary healing in a new direction.

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