Why Reiki for Your Animal Companion?

Animals have their own aura’s and chakra’s which describe both their physical selves, their soul journey and their spirit essence. For improved health and wellness, chronic and acute health issues, animals need energy wellness just like people. Animals do not have the same cultural layers as people however, and they can be treated using a more simple approach of just “Be Reiki.”

Because companion animals and wild animals have their own lives and think for themselves, we always ask permission first before offering either Reiki or the request to communicate with them on a deeper level to understand something of interest to us. Lost animals, sick animals and animals which are facing any kind of life or health crisis continue to benefit from Reiki.

For instance, the more we know about where the lost animal is, where the sick animal hurts and what the misunderstood animal needs to survive, the greater everyone’s involvement, particularly the animals. Using this loving approach helps us all as our planet is suffering from greedy mismanagement of her integral parts. Take for example, the destruction of forests around the world. Without healthy trees, our planet loses her lungs. Without our planet’s lungs operating efficiently, earth heats up and the polar ice caps melt. Polar bears die. Human settlements, domestic animals and wildlife suffer from the devastating storm losses caused by the climate change. Human encroachment can implement pre-planning basic environmental statements that honor and respect existing nature. Reiki sends out love and healing with each and every session. When each of us emanate respect and love, and we use our words (throat chakra) to plant the seeds (base or earth chakra) that accommodate the needs of nature in our plans and our choices, every human situation more completely exemplifies our choice for kindness, mercy and compassion for all beings.

But focused prayer and providing Reiki to people, animals and the planet can ease so many burdens that we are all sharing today. As one of the major burden’s, stress and trauma affects everyone.  But to provide Reiki to our animals improves the whole picture. When anyone of us suffer, (I include all animals in this equation), all of us suffer, at a minimum–vicariously. So, conversely, if anyone of us improves, heals ever so slightly, everyone heals, ever so slightly. We get a planet where more and more people are working towards health and wellbeing. We get a planet where our neighbor really cares about others and shows compassion towards all beings.

Simply said: to Be Reiki is to be a focused meditative prayer which allows Archangel Ariel (she is the Archangel who’s job is to help nature, animals, and the natural earth) and other angels to lovingly work for our benefit. Reiki and Energy wellness is a documented scientifically-based wellness modality that strengthens with time and use. Reiki is not a replacement for medical treatment or a doctor’s advice. Reiki complements many types of healing techniques and strategies and also serves to prepare each of us to accept wellness into our lives and bodies, since we are all worthy and deserving of perfect well-being. Wellness is best experienced on a daily schedule-and animals, like people, have had different life experiences. When our (people & animal) energy learns to Be Reiki, with repetition and practice, (not unlike anything we make a point to do each day), we take that new habit with us daily. It takes 21 days to establish a new habit. Make your new habit a Be Reiki habit and the benefits will overflow.

But, How Does Reiki Help Animals Directly?

Just like for people, relaxation and being at peace allows an animal’s body to use its own vital resources and immune system. If however, when multiple stress responses (that activates and stays activated in their bodies due to the over-active and impersonal culture of automation and greed), run rampant in our animal’s bodies, those can easily prevent wellness from taking place.  Where is the animal to go to get relief? Outside of a traditional veterinarian, which provides a superb assortment of treatments for animals, there is also the complementary treatments available of acupuncture, massage and prayer for some animals. Also aromatherapy, homeopathy, osteopathy and phytotherapy. Also a complementary therapy, Reiki works on an energetic level. Since animals are highly telepathic, they can sense healing intentions and vibrations from a Reiki Master or Reiki Practitioner. This distance can be just the amount of gentle grace that is needed to help your animal tap into his or her own healing systems for natural wellness without the side effects of some harsher remedies.

How Often Should You Get Animal Reiki?

Daily, or if very ill more often.

When Should You Use Distance Animal Reiki?

Distance Reiki is VERY effective as it allows the Reiki practitioner to select the correct crystals, use angel intuitive requests and Reiki together at a distance that feels very safe for certain animals or animals who are already stressed by activity, strangers and illness.  Often, Reiki energy when directed towards an animal can feel overwhelming and too powerful for an animal to allow a healing reception to occur. Without those multiple cultural layers that we humans have (we have no problem benefiting from directed Reiki), animals may put up a protective front or shut down the incoming loving energy if we just beam our energy at them. We need to use a softer and gentler approach that employs respect, love and patience for our animal friends when we provide wellness and wholeness for them.

Distance Reiki does a fantastic job of helping animals. Better yet, ordering up a short series of Reiki for your beloved animal lays the perfect groundwork for health and wellness.

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