Animal Communication

We all know that animals communicate with each other, but what is less known is how they can communicate to us. Culturally, (and in general) humans have lost a huge connection both to nature, and to her wildlife and animals by our focus on consumerism and uncontrolled growth materialistically. We can repair this connection by focusing on one skill-set: listening.

By listening, and this often requires slowing down our lives at least some of the time, and practicing meditation in all its amazing forms, we can reconnect to animals. However, many times, connecting to our own pets and companion animals can be difficult. Because we can be needy or expectant of that special animal to provide for our own needs or wants, we are not ready to be in that “Let Go & Let God” mode which opens the heart for listening. Yes, our own hungry, needy nature can overwhelm the unique language of the animal we are seeking to connect to.

This is where an animal communicator can help. We are trained to make the connections for you and to search for answers to your questions.  Simply fill out the email request provided on this website and we will reply as soon as possible to your questions.

Please use this form to contact me with any questions you have or to schedule an appointment.

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