Why Should You Try Angel Healing?

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Who hasn’t heard of angels? Archangels, Cupids, Seraphim, Guardian Angels-there are about 365 references to angels in the bible. Billions of angels in our troubled world are all waiting to help us to grow as spirits having a human experience. In order from highest heaven and God to us Earthbound humans;

Seraphim: The highest order of angels

Cherubim: Second highest order of children-type angels

Thrones: These beautiful beings are the transitional between earth and the heavens.

Dominions: Next highest and managers of angels

Virtues: are in charge of the universe, watching over the celestial bodies of stars, planets, Earth.

Powers: Angels who cleanse and heal our universe from those base energies which do not serve our higher good.

Principalities: These angels watch over Earth and work to promote God’s desire for peace on our planet.

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Guardian angels: All of us, including all animals, have personal Guardian Angels to assist and protect us.

There are lots of rules in Nature that all beings quite naturally follow, but there is also incredible creativity and imagination, particularly among trees, animals and the sky. Sometimes we limit ourselves to strict rules and in certain cases this is a necessary safety factor or a basic need for routine to keep our lives orderly and manageable. But once creativity and imagination becomes lost from our lives, the lights dim and the joy can become too narrowly focused.

Our intuition and creativity work together with confidence to produce very helpful results when we are sad, grieving, and hungry for spiritual and emotional sustenance.


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Angels are the perfect guides to help us. Angels see those things we need to see in order to move forward with our plans, responsibilities and relationships in a healthy way. Angels have specific jobs to do such as Archangel Gabriel, who is in charge of communication, and is helpful to artists, poets, writers, singers and musicians, especially speakers. Gabriel is concerned with the welfare of children and helps teachers and child psychologists perform better by offering more information. All angels have their specialties and always provide loving and healing advice.

Another healing advantage of connecting to our angels is that it teaches us to trust our intuition and use discernment in our decision-making. We are in charge of reaching out to glean information from all types of resources. Honing the use of that information is critical to our spiritual and emotional evolution.

Laozi (Loud zoo) writes in the Tao Te Ching in 4th century BC: (translation unknown) Which is more important-fame or integrity? Which is more valuable—money or happiness? Which is more destructive—success or failure? Isn’t it interesting that even today, those issues are still current to modernity? We struggle to gain advantage, but over what? Fame, money or success—unwisely attained are the accoutrements of parts of our destructive culture. Or integrity, happiness, and failure which can lead to transformation, wisdom and compassion for ourselves and others?

Angel Intuition is about providing more information to guide us. Whether we act on that information or not is totally up to us. At the very least, we can have more encouragement and ideas, often creative ideas that can open us up to our own potential creativity for problem-solving and personal growth.


Angel Healing is a New Adventure

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