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Imagination and Kitty Images

What is Reiki Energy Wellness?

Reiki is one of the leading safe Energy Medicine approaches…Norman Shealy M.D. Ph.D.

Reiki … may ultimately be the most important alternative treatment of all… Dr. Mehment Oz

Reiki is an energetic wellness modality that promotes relaxation and opens and clears our energy fields for proper functioning. In our modern culture, stress and lifestyle challenges can impair our innate ability to heal from physical, emotional, and mental imbalance, disease and illness. Reiki addresses these challenges by healing through positive intention and universal forces meant to renew and repair. Reiki is not a replacement for your own physician, medical plan of care or to treat or diagnose any disease.

Modern culture tends to be a touch-starved society. David Gill, Tobias School of Art and Therapy, West Sussex, UK, asks-“Who has not experienced the warmth of physical touch? Or the healing power that lies within the hands?” (1.)

Typically, Reiki uses a very light touch to channel deep healing and relaxation to the layers of energy that surround us, other animals and plants in the world. But for those who prefer a no-touch method, that is just as effective too.

Typically Reiki works well in a 50 minute session. Please see our description of Services and costs.

With the proper attunements, anyone can learn Reiki, practice Reiki and give Reiki, that is the wonderful beauty of it. At Reiki & Angel Intuitive Wellness, not only do we teach the Ancient Art of Reiki but we hold monthly Reiki shares for students and lay-people who want to try out Reiki for the first time.  On a more personal level, we practice a meditative focus which allows your time on the Reiki table to be restorative and transformative.

Since Reiki heals through an energetic level, it works with our AURA to help us heal and open up to transformative energies.  We know that there are seven layers of energy fields around the human body. These fields or layers are known as an energy sheath that vibrates and forms a kind of consciousness of the physical body. This vibratory sheath is often referred to as our AURA. Linked to our aura are 7 chakras that open and close every day depending on our health or how receptive we may be to what happens to us or around us.

 “As for the aura’s job, science has determined that this magnetic field conveys information about events taking place inside the body, rather than on the skin. Its purpose is therefore vitally linked to our internal health.” (2. Conscious Lifestyle Magazine, Dale)

The Seven Chakras

There are seven primary chakras in the body that also play an important part in Reiki energy wellness. Keeping both the auras (and the chakra’s) clear of negative energy or imbalance is a vital part of maintaining great health and daily wellness. Reiki improves our overall functioning and melts away stress to allow us to heal and to grow stronger. In this modern culture, which puts so much emphasis on external “fixes” for the body, without giving proper respect to the internal and spiritual processes of the individual, all of us need to relax and feel happiness daily. We can be better able to control how we react to the stressful events that happen to us and around us if we practice daily meditation and self-care, using techniques like Reiki to help us on our way to healing.

Auric Layers

The 7 layers emanating from the body are further described.

The Etheric Body is the first physical layer which is about 2 inches around the body (God’s manifestation) and is the body battery that stores the energy for the body.

The Emotional Body,  the second layer extends around 1 to 3 inches from the body and shows the effects of our feelings, both past and present.

The Mental Body is the third layer and in responsible for our mental thought processes (everyday thinking and higher thoughts and ideals, inspirational and spiritual morals). It extends to 4 feet from the body and is made of a finer material than the etheric or emotional bodies.

The Astral Body is the fourth layer and is transformational and transition-based. This layer is concerned with the processes and functions of the non-physical world.

The Etheric Body is the fifth layer and is responsible for the way and shape (template) of the physical body.

The Celestial Body is the sixth layer and is where we experience ecstatic states of consciousness and universal love. Barbara Brennan “Hands of Light,”  believes it is the emotional body of the spiritual plane.

The Causal (Ketheric) Body is the seventh layer and is associated with a person’s life path or their soul incarnation.

Indian culture, over 5000 years ago and to this day, practices a belief in PRANA as the life force for all beings. In 3 B.C. the Chinese culture called this energy “Chi”.  Scores of esoteric beliefs including Hindu, Rosicrucian’s, Native Americans, Japanese Zen Buddhist’s, and Rudolph Steiner—German founder of the modern day Waldorf School and bio-dynamic agriculture, all have written about the Human Energy Field.

Western culture uses the scientific method of repeated testing to validate or dismiss the questions that we have about new possibilities in our world and what those possibilities may mean to us. Often, this kind of scientific testing requires funding to finance it, and so, if there is money or a profit can be made, then somewhere funding often becomes available to finance that testing. But if our culture can’t make money on it, it just might not typically be tested, at least not here in the U.S. This may be just one of many reasons that more public knowledge is not known or taught about the aura or human energy field.

Human Energy Field

The Human Energy Field as described by Barbara Ann Brennan has a background in the early 19th century when Michael Faraday and James Clerk Maxwell worked with a process of using a “field concept” that acknowledged that negative and positive charges of electromagnetic phenomena are responsible for either a charge that created a disturbance or created a condition, each of which “felt the force” of the other. This is a terrible oversimplification of the whole process and we leave out a lot of subsequent detail, but in the interest of brevity and sticking to the main point, the Field Theory is just part of a complicated set of circumstances that goes into explaining the “Universal Energy Field” and consequently the Human Energy Field or the human aura.

Energy Healing works on the seven levels of the aura. Often, injuries, wounds, dis-ease, etc. show up in our aura and until healed or provided the much-needed attention that it deserves, illness can linger or worsen. Energy Healing helps us to understand and change the trajectory of sickness or pain. Energy Healing respects and gives attention to the whole person not just the physical manifestation of illness, such as the symptom or debilitating condition.

Resources about Chakras and Auras

Check back for an article on the 7 chakra’s and how these are linked to health and happiness.

-Barbara Ann Brennan was a pioneer in the field of human energy existence. Descriptions are loosely based from her book, “Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field.”

  1. David Gill, Tutor, The Anthroposophical Perspective on the Structure and Functioning of the Human Being,”Physical Body”.  See this website.  
  2. Dale, Cyndi, Conscious Lifestyle Magazine, Energetic Anatomy: A Complete Guide to the Human Energy Fields and Etheric Bodies”
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